2016 Awards Testimonials


NC - winner of PA Award 2016

N supports M, and has done so for some years.  This is what NC said about winning the award:

I don’t think it made a difference to the way I work, or what I do; I can understand why being nominated or winning can be so motivational. Our team is held up as a role model for other people employing PAs. I don’t really like attention and I was really nervous about the award, I never thought I would win; I was overwhelmed! It is really important and it’s nice for other people to see what I do.

The event was great. It was our wedding anniversary so my husband came too. It was a great night and a lovely meal. We had other people nominated on our table, so it was good fun.

M said - NC does everything for me; she is available 24 / 7 and co-ordinates all the other PAs. She has made me feel part of her family. I really cheered when NC won!

LT - Nominee for Outstanding Contribution to HSC Award 2016. Registered Manager at Frenchay House

The home was nominated by 2 of the team; we also put one forward for the Apprenticeship award. The nomination was very important to the team; one of them was also nominated for an award and that really supported her confidence. It’s really important to train and nurture people as they all have different skills to bring to the team- the awards are a great way to recognise this. We’ll definitely be nominating people next year (2017)- and people are now keen to nominate their colleagues.

The Awards evening was amazing- it was great for us all to get dressed up and have fun! People were even happy to buy their own tickets so that more of us could go. The prizes were great and the comperes made it a really good night.

JW - winner of Dementia Care Award 2016. Activities Co-ordinator at Rosedale Residential Care Home

I am the Activities Co-ordinator but to get the award for Dementia was great- it showed the link between dementia and activities and made me even more aware of the effort I make and must make to include everyone. I try to ensure I relate to all of the residents and I want to be worthy of the award in all that I do.

Winning has made me research dementia more and I’ve realised there is a lack of information out there- I’d like to take the information into schools to improve children’s’ understanding of dementia.

When we went to the Regional awards I didn’t think we had a chance against the big national organisations. When I won I was in a bit of daze! It has been really important for the home and everyone was interested and wanted to know more. I loved having the chance to dress up- especially as we carers don’t get those opportunities often! I thought the C&SW event was really friendly and such fun. I’m just looking forward to the nationals now!