C&SW Awards Winners 2016





Malcolm Baker (St Monica Trust)

An Elvis impersonator, Malcolm wears a bright yellow t-shirt and big smile! As Activity Co-ordinator he has changed the meaning of activities within the house, working with all the staff and the wider community. He runs themed suppers, which include cocktails and canapés. He has received numerous nominations saying how he “has enhanced daily life in so many ways.” Residents and their families say how he “manages to make people smile and has time for everyone.”



Julie Edwards (Rosedale)

Julie is an excellent leader and her open door policy is wins the trust of everyone she works with. She has been working at Rosedale House for over 20 years where she started training as a care assistant. She was nominated not just by her own manager, but also by a wide range of staff members and residents, who described how Julie always goes the extra mile, providing exceptional care to residents whilst providing reassurance to families and support to staff. 



Stacy Ibiks-Ibikunle (Manor Community)

Stacy was responsible for setting up the Home Care service at Manor Community. She has shown real commitment to delivering exceptionally high standards of care for people in their own homes, delivered by trained and dedicated staff whose development she has championed. Stacy has led the way in ensuring that her staff are encouraged and provided opportunities to progress and develop themselves.  This has been reflected in Stacy working tirelessly to get funding for staff for QCF’s as well as distance learning courses. 


Gabrielle Sheard (AbleCare Homes)

Gabrielle was nominated by four different service users and the words of one them sums up her dedication to her role, “she sits and listens to me”. She is friendly, sociable and respectful of everyone. She acts with great sensitivity and provides reassurance. Clearly Gabrielle is very good at being close to the people she cares for and makes them feel valued and wanted.



Winnie Thompson (Killcott Farm)

Winnie provides private respite services. She was praised for her caring and nurturing manner. She makes all service users feel ‘special and important’, nothing is too much trouble and she cares about every details. The service user that nominated Winnie says ‘She treats me as if I were her own son’.



Josephine Sawyer (St. Monicas Trust)

Josephine carries out her role with confidence and efficiency with the greatest respect for her colleagues and residents in her care. Her commitment to caring for those at ‘the end of life’ is shown by her determination to support a client share his 100th Birthday with his family and friends in a restaurant. This involved a great deal of coordination with professionals and all concerned, but fulfilled his dying wish and allowed him to have a peaceful and dignified end of life.



Richard Deverson (Windmill Care)

Richard uses his background in the Royal Navy to direct in a calm, measured manner, providing clear boundaries and responsibilities. At the same time, he will do anything required of him in his supportive role, he's adaptable to the situation at hand and is excellent at finding a solution. He's passionate about care quality and has introduced a range of initiatives and processes to make changes for the better. He's an excellent team player, building strong working relationships that enable changes to be brought in and a great example of what leadership in social care can mean.



Maxine Smith (Agincare)

Always prepared to go the extra mile, Maxine has a great work ethic, behaves like a carer, nurse, confidante, counsellor and friend. Her background in dementia support means she understands the needs of her customers. She was praised for ‘encouraging clients out of the 'doldrums' or moods’ and completing difficult tasks with good humour and understanding. Her great sense of humour means people around her are always laughing, her nominator said ‘the world could do with more people like her.”



Peter Warren (Community Therapeutic Services)

Peter is described as a remarkable activities support worker and charity campaigner for over 20 years. He has achieved amazing outcomes for service users, some of which have been isolated from society because of their complex and challenging behaviours. This includes getting paid employment for a SU, helping another raise thousands of pounds for charity. Described as a genuine role model enabling SU reach life goals they had previously thought was not possible. Peter is a man with an infectious enthusiasm and can do attitude.



Helen Prosser (Milestones Trust)

Helen has volunteered for nearly four years and is considered truly outstanding. She is reliable and makes time to speak to everyone.  She has worked predominantly with one SU, working hard to find him things of interest, and he has really benefited from the extra time and attention. She has recently helped him attend a craft club, enabling him to make new friends and Helen shares in his delight with what he has done. She is also undertaking training to improve her voluntary work.



Natalie Churchill

Natalie looks after all aspects of life for the person she cares for – socially, physically and mentally – to the extent that the person feels able ‘to do everything and anything.’ She cares for her exceptionally and is consistent on a daily basis allowing her to live independently.  Natalie ‘always goes that extra 10 miles for me – I feel like I can fly and that’s coming from a girl in a wheelchair’. 



Jade Wilding  (Rosedale)

Jade’s singing and understanding of Dementia has supported residents in Rosedale to have stimulation in the day and feel safe and secure enough to go back out into the community. One resident said “she helped me pluck up the courage to go out again, it helps my memory and makes life worth living again”. She is kind and caring, dedicated to her job and to improving the care of the residents she works with.



Paul Forsey (Cintre)

Paul has really outshone his role, supporting a service user move from a residential setting. The move to supported living was breaking down, so he acted as a mediator, doing a lot of behind the scenes work including working with the Service User, their family and representatives, to move them to their own flat, where they are very happy. He is firm but fair, caring and concerned for everyone involved.