Fundraising Adventure for CINTRE Manager.

Cintre is undertaking an exciting campaign aimed at raising resources to provide specialist health and fitness opportunities to vulnerable adults who Cintre supports.

Cintre supports adults with autism, behaviours that challenge, mental health and learning difficulties, to enable them to gain a more independent life.

Now, take your time and imagine. You’re a vulnerable adult with a learning disability and mental health issues. You have limited means to health and fitness opportunities to improve your overall well-being.

Having a mental health problem can put you at higher risk of developing serious physical health problems and prolonged mental illness? Risks such as:

·         Twice as likely to die from heart disease

·         Four times as likely to die from respiratory disease

·         Shorter life expectancy of 10-17 years

Two thirds of deaths and prolonged illnesses are avoidable. In fact many of these deaths are caused by poor diet, poor exercise, poor social conditions and not the right support.

The adults we support experience barriers which prevent them achieving their peak well-being. But with the right provision these barriers and risks can be prevented.

Many people do not realise that well-being activities are difficult to access for people with behaviours and conditions that challenge. There are additional support requirements and for those that cannot afford to, it costs them worsening health and mental health issues.

To combat adults developing serious physical health problems and prolonged mental illness, I ‘Richard Luck’, one of the registered managers within Cintre, will be undertaking a ‘Dalai Lama’ trek through some of the toughest mountain ranges in North India for 10 days to raise funds.

I am asking all our suppliers to join me along with our supporters in making a donation this Christmas to help make someone’s New Year and long term life a healthier one.

Suggested donations:

·         £100-250 will provide a series of one to one sessions with a specialist personal trainer.

·         £300-450 will allow for in-depth health assessments and corresponding bespoke individualised fitness plans.

·         £500-1000 goes towards specialist adapted gym equipment and supported specialist activity/outbound holidays.

If you would like to make a donation you can via the official Virgin Money webpage at

All donors will be thanked and promoted via our social media channels.

Please visit:




Thank you! 

Leadership and Management with a Focus on Dementia

The general meeting on 23rd November saw a record number of attendees, with 62 delegates from 38 organisations including several Care & Support West Commercial partners. The speakers were excellent; Debbie Sorkin delivered an excellent presentation on leadership, Glen Knight who gave a demonstration on the Virtual Dementia Tour and Emily Hancock told us about Join Dementia Research.  


Banning Relatives from Care Homes: Just Poor Practice?

The media have recently been highlighting cases were the relatives of residents are banned from the care home. Whilst there are no doubt some cases of poor practice, the media coverage does not address the full story. The Victoria Derbyshire BBC programme in November prompted new guidelines.

Why would relatives or other visitors need to have their visiting restricted or supervised, or even in extreme cases for visiting to be prohibited. Quite often, this is because the visitors are abusing staff or by their actions putting at risk their relative or other residents at the home. They could be inappropriately seeking to involve themselves in personal care, or trying to supply or administer unknown medication,they could just be generally acting in a way that is frustrating the proper management of the care home.

What rights does a care home have? Read the QSBD bulletin